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Hardcore Rumbeller and Dearie. Also a Beauty. All ships welcome as long as you're respectful. Warning: This is a Rumple stan and Belle stan blog.





Robert Carlyle blowing kisses to the crowd at SDCC 2014. (figured it might get some use as a reaction gif and well I loved this moment so there)

This guy.

Okay he needs to stop now.

Oh God he is too cute. I could watch this all day.


If there was another spin-off, which character would you like to see star in? [x]

Reblog if you would watch the Belle and Rumple Show.

Rumbelle + touching


If there was another spin-off which character would you like to see star in it? (x)

Anonymous: Being an OUAT fan have made my life a whole lot more awkward. Hamburgers?Feels! Ice tea? Feels! Seeing the name/word ''gold''?Feels! Seeing pawnbroker places?Feels! Seeing antiquieties shops?Feels! As you can see I have serious problems...

Don’t worry…I have that problem too XD!

Anonymous: I don't think Bobbys weight gain is a problem he still is the hottest man in OUAT. Most people will never be as pretty as Bobby regardless of which state their body is in. I mean we all remember the Neverland arc right? He looked so fuckable in his Goldstiltskin outfit.

Oh geez, I need more Goldstiltskin, tbh. Maybe we can petition for Goldstiltskin 2.0 

So what I’m getting from SDCC is…

Rumbelle Rumbelle Rumbelle Rumbelle Rumbelle


New lines for this.

[on Elsa and Rumplestiltskin’s relationship]
"Obviously he knows her, she knows him, something’s happened. Why else would she be in his vault?"


#that little smack tho

Robert Carlyle being a precious human at SDCC 2014

thatravenclawbitch replied to your post “And I won’t be in town this weekend either…”

He’s the boyfriend now!? Sorry to pry, I’ve been following the saga.

Yup…yup he is XD Official as of Sunday!

And I won’t be in town this weekend either…

Going camping with the boyfriend. If there’s any Rumbelle news…keep me up-to-date? 


#this how rumple & belle gives an interview #this is not robert & emilie (x)